Tips for being productive and keeping a work-life balance

This 2020 more than ever has taught us how difficult it is to work from home if we’re not ready for it.

Housekeeping, things to do, children, and the couch are distractions that aren’t usually there when we work in an…

How I use a second tablet to regain control over my smartphone

Raise your hand if you found yourself browsing your FB feed or zapping from one video to another on YouTube instead of working. Really, you too?

I am a freelance translator working from home, and that means I am the owner of my time at work. …

A different path to mindfulness

Until a few months ago, I’ve never understood how journaling worked.

More than once, I bought a Moleskine or a Leuchtturm notebook and I jotted down my thoughts for a week or so, quickly getting tired and abandoning the habit.

I think there are various…

You Don’t Start With Motivation, You Get it by Doing.

I’ve always been kinda lazy, growing up. I wasn’t motivated in studying random subjects I didn’t care about, thus my grades were meh.

The thing is, I am an inquisitive person and I love immersing myself for hours on an…

Your self-definition is what stands in your way to greatness.

Tell me if you’ve ever been there.

I can’t do that.
I’m not capable of…
I have not enough skills…
I am too short/tall/skinny/fat.

Because I have.

I am indeed one of those people who judge every they do, everything…

You can’t rely on goodwill, you need a system.

Forming a new habit is hard. Eliminating a bad one is even harder.

That’s because our brain likes simplicity. We do what we’re used to, we automatically follow a sequence of actions to solve a problem.

Yes. All habits are there to solve a problem.

You need to eat, so…

You need a path to reach your goal

Goals are part of our culture.

We jot down New Year’s resolutions. We have career goals, life goals, even relationship or couple goals.

We set goals every day, we write to-do lists, we make promises to ourselves. And then, 99% of the times, we don’t keep them.

At least, I…

Language is More Than a List of Words

It is amazing how communication works.

We can use our body to give form to our thoughts without even articulating a sound. Using only 26 characters we can produce an almost infinite number of words to describe our world.

Even “how” we…

I’m a lazy one.

In fact, sometimes I felt so lazy that I let my life slip away in an infinite sequence of days identical to each other. I had no motivation, no drive, no urgency.

Some day I found myself sleeping 10–12 hours only to get up and spent…

Some events cut through our lives and define a before and an after. For me, the day I got fired was one of those.

I was working as a project manager in a translation agency in Hamburg, Germany, when I felt I could use some change in my life. …

Paolo Defraia

I’m an Italian freelance translator living in France. I write about freelancing, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, language, life in general.

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